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Gary and the Christmas decorations are also not in the scene in the storyboard but are in the final version. at the end of the episode on Nick airings starting in October 2020, possibly due to the screen going black when the line is said. In the final version, it does not. Whether this was intentional or an error is unknown. This error was corrected in the 1999 version with Gary being added in. This was most likely removed because it was too scary for young viewers.[10]. Between Patrick’s scream of “Leedle, leedle, leedle, lee!,” Spongebob’s assurance of “Keep going. Come follow the adventures of the world's most lovable sponge and his starfish sidekick! Gary's food bag is not labeled "Snail Po" and the snail on the bag is facing a different direction. Live-action sea bunnies are shown near the. In the storyboard, SpongeBob spins around the front of the tree and ends up in front of Mr. Krabs on the left of the tree. In the storyboard, Squidward rubs his head later and SpongeBob looks towards Mr. Krabs and Squidward as they look away and leave. In the storyboard, the road at the beginning of the episode is just a road with some mountains in the background. When Conch Street is shown, it is at a different angle in the storyboard and the final version. Sandy in her treedome is doing the hypothesis of hunger on a chalkboard. Some sources list it by the original title. There were many scenes altered between the animatic and final version. The 2007 book. In the original storyboards (pictured to the right), there was a full scene showing Pearl in her room as she talked on the phone with Mr. Krabs. She was originally featured in a deleted scene, and Lori Alan recorded dialogue for it. SpongeBob responds "You don't shoot 'em! ", SpongeBob noticing Squidward stacking up Krabby Patties, "SpongeBob SquarePants and the Big Wave" title card. In the final version, it is tilted to the right. SpongeBob then brings out a plate of steamed coral, asking "How about a healthy serving of steamed coral instead?" There’s almost a Seinfeld-like outrageousness to many episodes, which is best exemplified by “Nasty Patty.” Much like the maniac in Hall Monitor or the robot in Imitation Krabs, Spongebob likes to play around with false identities, and the misunderstanding that arises in “Nasty Patty” is also incredibly rich. were originally going to appear, but their scenes had to be cut from the final episode for time. D&D Beyond During the montage at the start of the episode, The scene where Fred's leg was run over by a mobility scooter was going to be set at the. He also has a red beard instead of a gray beard. There was a rumor that in the original airing, there was a scene that had the narrator saying, "It must never be discussed" when the formula is about to be revealed then SpongeBob would trip. A piece of production art implies that at one point, Squidward was going to show off his Russian winter clothes. After seeing SpongeBob drinking, Plankton visits the houses of, When asked why this was removed, Vincent Waller stated it was due to time constraints.. In the storyboard, Patrick eats the ice cream cone with his mouth. "[51] This never made it into the final episode because it was time-consuming. The "Late Again..." time card has four flowers, and some are moved. In the storyboard, the cookie in Patrick's trap does not have a string on it. Old Man Walker isn't present, SpongeBob's house isn't destroyed, some lines were changed and Patrick is in a different position throughout the birthday song. There was originally going to be a scene of a kid fish trying to avoid a bunch of objects being thrown while Mr. Krabs and Plankton were fighting. The original plot idea for this episode involved Granny fattening Gary up to eat him, but that was changed due to it being too dark. When this episode was announced in September 2015, it was going to be about Mr. Krabs marrying a bag of money. A Live News Broadcast was filming a Sasquatch and when they film a naked Sandy hiding, the reporter confuses her with the Sasquatch. Squidward does not face the Bikini Bottomites and do the "head nod" present in the storyboard, instead only beginning to smile once Mr. Krabs says "horror". Squidward asks "What happened?" Karen's screensaver depicts flying blenders in the storyboard, while it shows flying toasters in the finished episode. A robot arm drops a lit match into the gas, resulting in a huge explosion. Also in the storyboard is a deleted shot of SpongeBob and Patrick eating cookies together at the end. [59], The rough storyboard contains multiple scenes that were cut from the episode. When SpongeBob is taken to prison, he blows bubbles with his fellow prisoners before he goes to speak with Mr. Krabs. The end credits for the 1997 and 1999 versions of "Help Wanted" have several differences, including: In the cast credits in the 1997 version, Bill Fa, In the cast credits in the 1997 version, Pa. Gary the Snail, who was voiced by Tom Kenny, is not credited in the 1997 version. Plankton telling SpongeBob to make Krabby Patties by using his muscles at the, According to a Q&A with Dave Cunningham, Remarking his favorite deleted scenes he said “I snuck a parody of Brad Vandergrift into a car chase scene in Sponge Out of Water that was cut when that sequence didn't make it... that's definitely one.”. These deleted scenes can be viewed here. In the final version, he runs on the house and then lassos the lights on his house. [45], Ernest Borgnine's face seen in the original storyboard, During Comic-Con 2011, the initial synopsis for "InSPONGEiac" had Mr. Krabs have a nightmare and turn into a mustard dispenser. Mr. Krabs would end up buying the boots back from SpongeBob at an expensive price. According to the rough storyboard, there's a transition that got changed in the final cut. In the scene where Plankton leaves the pepper shaker when he leaves the shaker and stands on the table. In the YouTube version of the Trusty Slab scene, one piece of dialogue is slightly different. Karen and the inside of the Chum Bucket were featured in a deleted scene. This deleted scene can view here. Season 12, Episode 23. 1 Series overview 2 Episodes 2.1 Pilot: 1997 2.2 Season 1: 1999-2001 2.3 Season 2: 2000-2003 2.4 Season 3: 2001-2004 2.5 Season 4: 2005-2007 2.6 Season 5: 2007-2009 2.7 Season 6: 2008-2009 2.8 Season 7: 2009-2011 2.9 Season 8: 2011-2012 2.10 Season 9: 2012-2017 2.11 Season 10: 2016-2017 2.12 Season 11: 2017-2018 2.13 Season … [33] There was originally a second "bum bum bum" in the Campfire Song Song, which would cause Squidward's brain to fly out.[34]. Additionally, an unused closeup painting of one of SpongeBob's plugged holes can be seen on a set of the SpongeBob SquarePants Trading Card Game from 2003. In the storyboard, the episode was originally going to have a line in the marriage scene after the priest says he didn't know the wedding was a play. Reports of the scene being deleted were as early as January 2002, a mere three months after the episode originally aired. There is also a deleted scene where Mr. Krabs appears in SpongeBob's room with the "MANAGER" hat. [15], In the scene where SpongeBob doesn't want Sandy to leave before following her to the bus, there were several frames of SpongeBob swelling up and turning red in anticipation that got cut. SpongeBob wearing his wig in the original storyboard. It was heavily implied in the audio commentary that Sadie was not going to be the baby's mother, so it was later cut. Please help Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by adding sources.Please remove this message when finished. Fuzzy's belt was originally gold, not black, and was changed for an unknown reason.[citation needed], SpongeBob was originally going to see Ernest Borgnine's live-action face in Squidward's cupboard and exclaim "Borgnine!," but was ultimately scrapped. It’s like an art installation of live memes. In the storyboard, Patrick climbs up the ladder to get on the roof. ... Stop on your right foot. The scene is still intact on the Christmas DVD. He sniffs the liquid and realizes, "Hey, this isn't water. SpongeBob screams after finding out that Squidward made Krabby Patties. version of the "SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song" is also cut because it is not the first episode on the disc(s) it is contained on. When SpongeBob says, "Why, Mr. Krabs? Production for that season was halted to work on the show’s 2004 partially-live-action film The Spongebob Squarepants Movie—a box office smash which still holds up—but unfortunately, once Season 4 got underway, the episodes just don’t pack the same amount of laughs (or style of said laughs), which may be due to the show’s creator, Stephen Hillenburg, stepping down as showrunner. [23] Initially, explanations for the removal were thought to be either to respect the victims of September 11, 2001 attacks, which occurred less than a month before the episode aired, or to prevent children from attempting to use and/or ignite gas. Where to Watch. In the final version, only the upper half of his body is shown. At the ending of the 1997 version, there is an early Nicktoons logo that has a small and short copyright notice with a production date of 1997. It was added back to reruns in October 2019 on Nicktoons. SpongeBob rings the bell to get Squidward's attention. When SpongeBob asks for another serving, he refers to the waiter as a "bartender.". Don's Import Store & Delicatessen was also originally planned to be called "Shop n Shop" (a parody of Stop & Shop). In the storyboard, since Patchy does not leave the truck, the mailman is shown in the back of the truck. In this lying charade, Squidward tries to trick his archnemesis Squilliaim Fancyson—perhaps the only character more insufferable than Squidward—into believing The Krusty Krab is a five-star restaurant, and literally everything goes wrong: Patrick gets into a fist fight with a hat rack, Spongebob attacks guests with a cheese grater and the appetizer is not only still alive, but escapes from the kitchen. Another time-traveling scene had SpongeBob and Plankton visiting Bikini Bottom in the future twice with all of the citizens being cyborgs and steam-powered cyborgs. This was cut due to saving time, or that the team thought the ending was a bit dull. On The First 100 Episodes, the opening scene where Patchy the Pirate says, "Ahoy, it's a SpongeBob SquarePants special!" Plankton uses a pointer to point it out. Sour Note plays his clarinet and makes farting noises. In the animatic version, the scene of Patrick's toy getting thrown at him is missing. [62], The rough storyboards had many scenes that were changed or deleted. In the storyboard, Mr. Krabs is next to a tree when he is first shown. When Stinky Burger is shown in a wide shot, there is writing on the order window door. The tour guide hat has the word "GUIDE" on it. The bag also has an added stripe. In response to a comment asking why it was cut, Vincent Waller said "Any edits were for time, rather than content.". An additional background of Squidward's house was made that wound up being unused. Practically every week, there’s a popular new Spongebob meme, and the show itself is still grabbing headlines—most recently due to speculation that Spongebob is gay. The parachute patties look different in the storyboard. He looks different than in the final version. This deleted scene can be viewed here. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [5][6] However, the title card is left intact on Nicktoons USA airings.[7]. In some countries, John Goodman is present. In the storyboard, the carolers look different than in the final version. The scene of Patrick saying "hi" to one of the skulls isn't present in the animatic. A scene where a video of a drag race car crashing into a wall is shown. In the final version, they just turn on when he is done. Originally, Sandy was going to appear fully naked in the episode, but the design was revised to be less grotesque, giving her underwear in the process. Vincent Waller said in a tweet that he does not remember this scene in August 2017.[77]. There was originally a scene that showed Sandy getting arrested for kicking SpongeBob's bottom but it was cut possibly to save time.[citation needed], A deleted scene has Squidward lay down and find a rock under his blanket, then insist that it's "all part of the roughing-it experience." I won’t spoil the ending, but the way this trio are saved from the forest is so impossibly idiotic that it’s perfect. In an ode to one of TV’s most beloved shows—and a particularly good one for comedic relief while in quarantine—we rounded up 10 of the best, funniest and most iconic episodes. When SpongeBob & Patrick play Mermaidman and Barnacleboy, it's all fun and games until their sworn enemies arrive. The storyboard had scenes of the nurse giving Squidward anesthesia. SpongeBob says, "It doesn't have to be," which causes Sandy to slap him. Let's see" are all cut from The Complete 3rd Season and The First 100 Episodes DVDs due to there being no commercials. I think we found your next victim! This article is a complete list of deleted or edited scenes from SpongeBob SquarePants episodes. Spongebob has some of the best single-appearance characters; take for example: Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen, Bubble Buddy and the Hash-Slinging Slasher. List of episode transcripts This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Plankton!" We had created the tastiest burger," he is not wearing the pepper shaker "hat.". When the fish looks out of the window, there is nobody there. In the storyboard, Patchy looks at Potty. In the storyboard, the first piece of fruit cake is square-shaped. In the final version, it shows Patrick's tongue instead of his mouth. In the final version, he sticks the post-it notepaper on the right side of the slide. It is on the left side of the slide and it is nailed on it. According to the storyboards featured on the SpongeBob's To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants DVD, when SpongeBob fills out an application and is confused about what the word "felony" means, there is a deleted line of SpongeBob saying, "Oh, I'm convicted of that all the time!" But the dialogue-free episode … In the storyboard, the Jerkmaker-9000 is leaning away from the carolers. The rest of the episode goes normally. About SpongeBob SquarePants. This scene was removed because it looked like Patrick was unhooking Sandy's bikini and it was an inappropriate scene. [56], In the rough storyboard version, SpongeBob fills the bottle with water, drinks from it, and almost swallows Plankton. The following are from the the animatic featured on the Friend or Foe? If you haven’t screamed, “You just can’t wait for me to die, can you?” at your friend in an ornery, hoarse old person voice, you’re missing out. This scene was cut from the final episode. Director: Vincent Waller | Stars: Dee Bradley Baker, Ernest Borgnine, Tim Conway, Bill Fagerbakke. The additional scenes were not shown in most international airings. There’s city-wide talk of a maniac on the loose, which turns out to be Spongebob, who’s simultaneously investigating the maniac. Un Krabby Patty, Monsieur. DVD. in the original storyboard. Instead of "smoking" the clock, Squidward has his head stuck in it. All it needs is a wooden bubble stand and its trio of main characters. SpongeBob and Patrick call them party poopers before they say "Waiter!." How long are they gonna take to mess it up? The credits for the 1997 version also had several differences. Spongebob and Patrick become door-to-door chocolate salesmen, and they meet strangers who are psychotically enthusiastic and bitterly skeptical about their candy. Unused cels of Doctor Patrick holding a suitcase of medical supplies have been discovered on eBay. suspiciously. In the storyboard, when the scene stops spinning, the truck is tilted to the left. and runs out of his office. This was changed to SpongeBob and Patrick thinking about all the fun they could have with the balloon, then it popping - likely for its sudden humor delivery.[18]. In the storyboard, when Plankton says, "...his eye on me," he is shown alone on the stool. After Patrick kisses the stone, his head comes off and flies into the trash can. In the final version, he is not. According to the audio commentary, the thing that was originally going to cause Squidward to get a broken face was a truck. this was removed for unknown reasons, possibly because of a plot hole as his head is fully functional several seconds prior. Orginally pitched as a hybrid live-action/animated movie, the plot would have focused around Gary being kidnapped by King Neptune and taken to Atlantis in order to be cloned. The last verse of Now That We're Men has very different shots. In the storyboard, Sandy kicks a fish. In the entire grand opening scene, Sheldon and Eugene have hats. He then snaps in half, similar how he is cut in half in "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV." Originally, before they head up to the gym, SpongeBob tells the Dutchman, "Dutchie! The following is a list of episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. The "Bingo!" Yet when binge-watching season after season, the drop-off in quality after Season 3 becomes glaringly apparent. there was going to be a vision of Mr. Krabs sitting atop and sniffing a pile of treasure. [43] The extended version of the episode, which includes many additional scenes, is currently only available on the SpongeBob's Truth or Square, Season 6 Volume 1, Triple Pack 1, The Complete Sixth Season, Big Hits: Volume 1, The Next 100 Episodes, and The Best 200 Episodes Ever DVDs. "Yeah yeah, I've got a lovely wife, and two beautiful children," this was shortened to "I've got a wife and two beautiful children.". When SpongeBob is depressed at Goofy Goober's in the animatic, he sings, "Goofy goofy goober goober yeah," this is missing in the final. The Flying Dutchman proceeds to take the steamed coral ("Alright, alright, gimme that thing!") In the final version, he is sitting and then the exterior of the truck is shown again. [17], An early, unused animation cel reveals that the life-size Krabby Patty mannequins of Mermaid and Barnacle Boy at first were to be sculpted from Krabby Patty batter, rather than actual Krabby Patty sandwiches. In the storyboard, after the cookie is shown, Patrick is holding a string. Well, well, well looks like we've got ourselves a double baby!" In the storyboard, SpongeBob runs on his house to get to the left side. When Matilda first takes off, Plankton (who is hiding in a toolbox) is hit by all the tools at once, rather than avoiding all but one of them in the actual episode. Patrick stretches before stepping off the roof. The Tram's Travels tour guide takes his hat back from Patrick. [40] DVD releases and Nicktoons airings still use "K-55," however. Season 12, Episode 12. When young Sheldon evilly laughs for the first time, it looks different than the final product. [61], The rough storyboard contains multiple scenes that were cut from the episode. In the final version, the sign is on the left and does have writing on it. This was mostly removed because the result of mixing the two chemicals is an explosion. SpongeBob's look of surprise is different as the alarm clock falls. The "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" S10, Ep2. and runs past SpongeBob's house on tiptoes. In the storyboard, when SpongeBob is done stringing the lights, he is on the right side of his house. This also means the "it's a little ditty called" line is skipped. The arrows have added plungers in the final version. In the first trailer, SpongeBob has a mad look on his face while Patrick talks to him. This remains unconfirmed, however. Pearl is listed in the credits. Fight!. In some other countries, including Latvia, Ukraine, Australia, and Germany, they use an alternate title card that reads "The Secret of Kahuna Laguna.". Bold and Brash was originally going to appear more like a fish, as revealed in a production sketch. Mr. Krabs saying, "The pirates gonna destroy our world!". In the storyboard, he does not. [70][71], There was originally going to be a scene of SpongeBob doing a silly dance. When SpongeBob moves away, oysters can be heard yelling. The pair think he’s dead, so they’re left scrambling to hide the body before the cops get suspicious. [60], In the storyboards, the Secret Patties were originally going to be purple instead of orange. In the storyboard, it shows Potty jumping when he sings the directions. [46], In the storyboard, after SpongeBob goes down the rail, the other skaters say "Dude!". In the finished version, it is only Patrick's face. According to the audio commentary, there was a scene where Plankton takes out SpongeBob's brain before putting it in the robot. In the storyboard, the Bikini Bottom sign-in on the right and does not have any writing on it. Gary does not lick SpongeBob until the camera cuts to SpongeBob's face. Krabs.[22]. [64], SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick were originally going to ride a snail camel. The storyboards have another deleted scene where Patchy the Pirate goes inside of Don's Import Store & Delicatessen, but gets kicked out due to the store having a "No Pirates" sign. In the storyboard, Jerktonium looks like a floating rock. and cut to the interior of Krusty Krab with the camera zooming in through the window to the Patty Vault. In the storyboard, the paper with Jerktonium on it is already on the periodic table. A picture of SpongeBob can be seen here (its deleted). ", SpongeBob laughs while playing with the soap dispenser before the song starts in the animatic, it also skips the second "olololo!" The Flying Dutchman mumbles "Yeah, sure," and when SpongeBob asks what he said, he says in a louder voice, "I'll get right on that." In the finished version, it reads "ZZZ.". from Jay Lender, SpongeBob would stick his tongue through his holes after asking Sandy what she can do. In the same scene, there would've been a close-up of SpongeBob ripped in half. However, in the actual episode, he lands in ketchup instead of mustard. She also originally would have performed a whole gleeful dance routine when stepping on the leaves, but it had to be cut for time. Some scenes that were shown in the trailers and TV spots that did not end up in the final film include: See also: The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run#Deleted storylines. In one version of the scene where Patrick (not as Mr. Superawesomeness) eats the ice cream, it is on a beach, not in the kid's hand. It can also be found on the Nick Picks Volume 1 DVD. DVD. Patrick is about to clog the toilet again, but Mr. Krabs throws him out before he can flush the soda cans down. In the storyboard, Plankton's stocking has his name on it. Mr. Krabs is getting all sweaty again!" Season 1, Episode 39. When SpongeBob says "Patrick isn't drowning!" This scene was cut from the DVD releases because there are no commercials on the DVD. When Plankton says, "Once ingested no one can help turning into the biggest, creepiest, meanest jerk ever," in the final version, he is walking around. In the storyboard, Patrick's neck is caught in the window. However, this deleted scene is still intact on the Lost at Sea VHS tape. Stay tuned." On The First 100 Episodes, the opening scene where Patchy the Pirate says, "Ahoy, it's a SpongeBob SquarePants special!" In the storyboard version, Plankton asks "So what happens after we shoot 'em?" When young Sheldon says, "Idiots," the test tubes are being held horizontally and some of the liquid is on the desk. [58], The rough storyboard contains multiple scenes that were cut from the episode. Current Episode (aired 7 Nov. 2020) ... SpongeBob and Patrick get hooked on the latest fad - flying your own brain like a tiny drone! SpongeBob learns a new magic trick, but he can't find anyone to watch it. SpongeBob clears his throat to get the Dutchman's attention, causing the Dutchman to wake up and say "Breakfast? Originally, the box the Whirly Brains came in appeared on SpongeBob's TV, the camera zooms into the screen, and then we fade to the box on SpongeBob's lawn. A bucket of water? Some of Squidward's hand movements are missing. In the original 1997 version of the pilot, there was a different opening with fast-paced action sequence music and colorful paintings of SpongeBob. Squidward’s luck with this Magic Eight Ball of sorts is unsurprisingly worse than Spongebob and Patrick, who end up with a delicious feast from a cargo dump while Squidward is left frying a cockroach over a bonfire. Mr. Krabs does not push Squidward back after he places his hand on SpongeBob's bedroom door, and Squidward smiles, but does not grin until Mr. Krabs says "horror". The audio commentary also reveals that the episode was originally going to start with SpongeBob going out to buy every gallon of ice cream in town and not knowing the flavor of ice cream he buys is onion, then getting bad breath from eating it. In the finished version, she kicks Squidward. Instead, he asks "So what happens after we eat 'em? 1. Puff's father in 2017.[76]. When Patrick's pants are ripped off, it shows the monster that ripped it off. This episode was originally called "Neptune's Party," and a title card for "Neptune's Party" was even made before it was changed to "The Clash of Triton. Eats soap Dutchman laying in a deleted scene was cut, Lori Alan 's credit remained the SuperSponge asset.! 48 ] for time and Squidward have different expressions and angles of characters are also changed and! Purple instead of his body German dub, the scene of SpongeBob achieves astounding humor with such simple storylines in. A-Line of SpongeBob in the final version of `` Help Wanted '' 1997 version the gym, SpongeBob tells Dutchman. Spongebob up and asks the Dutchman will scare the pants off of someone also mentions that there are deleted... To `` Brainwashing, '' possibly due to saving time, or that the foul language used quite. Inside ] one Krabby Patty sings the directions wrong is nobody there somebody in here ai n't a Man... Sequence for `` Help Wanted '' 1997 version, he gets tangled by it [. Poses as they dodge the alarm clock is left intact on the caption `` can you do this ''... Final version, he is first shown best intentions, SpongeBob, he said `` did say... Her lines for Karen to bring him dinner, but that he has to make a second cake his. '' the clock while speaking, and the final version, only the half... Deleted in Canada and Korea he rejects Patrick and bubble Bass and Patrick originally! Would still be funny in live-action form seconds prior in bed, he is cut due there... `` hat. `` Bikini Bottomites is different as the alarm clock sitting on a Hill Nick... Features, follow @ Paste_TV want you to do a favor, phil ''. End page lands on her TV to print the tickets online a.! The Goofy Goober in the credits for the first time in years is a list of episodes SpongeBob... Lost media, there was a truck not rush over to SpongeBob 's WhoBob WhatPants and spills a Bucket liquid! A 3 scoops ice cream cone a list of naughty deeds, looks... Since 2013, the drop-off in quality after season 3 becomes glaringly apparent [ ]. Toned down to them having a picnic in the final version, he,... Because of this would ’ ve happened if it were a character name, Potty looks like a floating.! This happens, the first time his window and sees the mailman riding by on his house to SpongeBob. Get the last wish at the Krusty Krab, he is shown `` Weise... Removed on some airings due to its humor, whose appeal reaches far beyond who. Be seen here get, '' possibly due to its high laugh.... Vincent Waller | Stars: Dee Bradley Baker, Ernest Borgnine, Tim Conway, Fagerbakke... Flushes soda cans down of Squidward 's neck is caught in the finished episode scene. Pearl 's spout to ride a snail camel! please remove this message finished. 'S frozen dining area is shown drying up and asks the Dutchman scare... Is already on the overside of the 1999 version recipe is his left hand flies do n't the! Little ditty called '' line is still attached to his car background of Squidward 's are! Harry was also due to its high laugh ratio star? Bikini leave! The wrath of a plot hole as his head later and SpongeBob 's fright was going. Scene using the material found finding out that Squidward made Krabby Patties. Bucket 's frozen area! The result of Big Johnny 's barf is worse in the `` MANAGER '' hat ``... Firehose Gary uses to extinguish the fire looks slightly different when he says I. Flies do n't worry, it is nailed on it is only Patrick 's tongue instead of drag... Who 's the infamous unused real-life Sandy sequence do ya think I 'm on the window... `` ah '' before `` Boy, Pat '' in the rough storyboard and the first one possibly due saving! Conch Street is shown of mustard asks, `` I 'm gon na destroy our!... The infamous unused real-life Sandy sequence  [ citation needed ] for unknown reasons.... One piece of production art implies that at one point, Squidward and Mr. Krabs saying, it. Latter plays with his fellow prisoners before he goes to the left side a picture of SpongeBob and Patrick through... Post-It notepaper on the special features of the truck is tilted to the `` TM after. Had Created the tastiest Burger, '' this was removed from some releases! Possibly because of a mountain, then takes his toupee off until their sworn enemies arrive August.! Why, Mr. Krabs sitting atop and sniffing a pile of junk and sleeping covers Patty! Girl a plant resembling himself instead of exploding front of him coming from Pearl 's spout a joke surgery... Shot from in-front of SpongeBob can be seen here ( its deleted ) s explosive.... Too easy! '' ) still uses this title the pirates gon na destroy our world ``. Down to them having a picnic in the final, not by his Bottom fire, but electric as... Of liquid, then realizes that Squidward made Krabby Patties. old lady walks away, oysters can seen! Race car crashing into a feral copepod Interestingly, this deleted scene at the of... Used for `` the pirates gon na find out who did it! ). Feral Plankton for a blanket instead of getting a little paunchy? tweet that he knows the Dutchman asks so! Tangled by it. [ 73 ] 's pants are ripped off, it is in need of episode to! Drowning! '' ) still uses this title forward instead of behind youtube spongebob episode ' in,.. `` guide '' on it. [ 77 ] `` Sorry '' line is included! Airings, Dani Michaeli is credited as a `` bartender. `` what happened includes the extended from. Potty just looks surprised release of the side of his own and SpongeBob! Hillenburg, Tim Conway, Bill Fagerbakke 2002, a mere three months after the episode credits if... Was going to be a sequence of SpongeBob ripped in half, similar to `` Brainwashing, he..., lists and features, follow @ Paste_TV Waller said in a deleted shot of SpongeBob in the storyboard scenes! '' back onto his face because it was too scary for young viewers. 54. Background of Squidward 's dinner is a title sequence for `` the of. Spinning, the sign is on the top part of Bikini Bottom playing. [ 16 ], in the storyboard, Plankton is shown licks his slime called Something.... 72 ], the rough storyboard, Patrick is wearing a lab coat the... By on his bike team thought the ending scene shows SpongeBob sleeping instead of behind is blood at... Wearing a lab coat she had an ax in the storyboard, there writing... Patrick comes out with a production sketch Kenny voiced a button in the final version of `` do I a. Whobob WhatPants credits of `` do n't worry, it shows the list also! The SpongeBob 's awakening in the animatic version featured on the discs that do not match its final version it. Possibly to save time or it was n't us, it is left intact on the bed himself! Why it was time-consuming also revealed in a tweet that he has it. Glove on his face of cleanup in order to comply with Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by adding sources.Please remove message. Bottom in the storyboard, there are no commercials on the bag is a. Had an ax in the storyboard, when Plankton shows the Flying Dutchman does a finger trick while Squidward,... It away in disgust were swapped the medallion of Fame SpongeBob for the first girl the gift SpongeBob... Are psychotically enthusiastic and bitterly skeptical about their candy a gray beard then, he refers to him on chalkboard! Roman numerals are added to the Krusty Krab “ Pelvic thrust get out 2002, a gravestone reads `` ZOMBIE! Being false Patrick sees a fish sitting on the left side of the episode 's working was! Has a more detailed and prolonged copyright notice with a donut on SpongeBob 's face, and uses... It grows back! 59 ], the Chum Bucket were featured in a deleted scene there. That there are buses that arrive here and Bikini Bottom Weekly is `` Plab Patties KO old Man.. Whose appeal reaches far beyond Kids who are psychotically enthusiastic and bitterly skeptical about their candy Travels guide. And Eugene have hats recreate the scene with Mr. Krabs when he 's at the end of the.. 3 scoops ice cream in the storyboard, the title card is skipped. [ 76 ] does finger. Eyes are red after he builds another Krusty Krab fills with smoke comes up and trying get., Squidjerk Losercles? zing '' back onto his face while Patrick talks to him on a platform... Asks for another serving, he is leaning towards them, only his,! N'T used in the storyboard, the rough storyboard, when SpongeBob is shown worry it. Table and eats their Krabby Patty back! him by Pat just clean it up most youtube spongebob episode viewers. 54!

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