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This article is an awesome story and I strongly suggest every coder read it. This site is run by O’Reilly Media, How to Create a Mobile App featuring blogs and articles that discuss different topics from open technologies to web development.

The blogs from the network include WindowsDevCenter, a great resource for Windows Developers and OnJava, which is a handy website for those hunting for Java topics. There’s also ONLamp, where developers can find valuable info and topics on Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Linux.

How Do I Find A Job As A Web Developer?

And since there are many developers out there who share their experience, it’s a hard game to follow all of them. Because of this, we collected the following blogs and present you a list of 11 web development blogs worth reading.

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  • It also has useful case studies, industry guidelines, resources, and related web articles to help web development experts improve their chops all across the board.
  • This Singapore-based portal was launched back in 2009 with the intent of making the internet a better place for everyone and to collect resources for web developers and designers all across the globe.
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  • ADI tools emerge that allow the process of websites to be fairly automated.
  • Since 2010, this website has been a go-to place for designers and developers around to globe for valuable publication, news, resources, techniques and so much more.

They design and develop the visual aspects, including the layout, navigation, graphics, and other aesthetics. Front-end code allows users like you and me to interact with a website and play videos, expand or minimize images, highlight text, and more. Web developers who work on front-end coding work on client-side development. The types of agile methodology website might look bare bones at first glance, but the content is better than the aesthetics. This blog covers a range of topics (not always programming-related), organized by heading on the front page. You could read articles under Programming Languages, Functional Programming, Compilation, Productivity, or a range of others.

Websites Articles

The articles are generally written in clear, understandable language. Here are eight popular blogs with a variety of content mediums, all focused on web development programming to help you level up your skills and learn about new advances in the web design industry.

web development articles

This is probably the best explanation I’ve ever seen about modern frontend development workflow, and if you are new to JavaScript or Web development, you must read this article. As a developer, Paul is well-known for creating tools that improve workflows and make life easier for other developers. You can gather useful insights web development articles on his personal blog where he regularly publishes web dev related articles. I guess OXP is more a web design blog rather than a web development blog. Nevertheless, it provides some really useful articles in the field of development too. Whether it’s an article about some useful HTML5 tips or a new jQuery library.

Things You Need To Learn To Become An Effective Angular Developer

Just by reading the name, you know right off the bat that this a valuable resource for developers. The platform offers professionals a large number of different tutorials and articles that cover development topics, systems administration, open-source technologies, and much more. What’s really great about this site that the writers are great at grabbing complex problems and topics and interpret them in a way that’s easy to understand and consume for everyone. Smashing is a great website and eBook web development articles publisher offering editorial content and outstanding expert resources for web designers and developers all across the globe. The magazine was founded by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz, as a part of the German Smashing Media AG back in 2006. Starting from 2012, the website also runs conferences for web designers in North America and Europe. The magazine is among the most popular web development resources on the globe with monthly views in the millions, and over a million followers on Twitter.

These developers work in systems like servers, operating systems, APIs, and databases and manage the code for security, content, and site structure. They collaborate with front-end developers to bring their products to users. Front-end developers work on the client- or user-facing side of websites, programs, and software — in other words, what users see.

Website Development Resources

Web developers and designers bring their technical skills and experience to the creation and production of exclusive websites capable of attracting the crowd. They are striving to create more reliable sites through all-new frameworks, tools, and advancements. Outside of connecting and networking with other developers, there are plenty of resources you can tap into to further your understanding or web development. Mobile developers build applications for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Mobile apps operate much differently than other websites and software programs, thus requiring a separate set of development skills and knowledge of specialized programming languages.

This set of articles aims to provide complete beginners to web development with all that they need to start coding websites. CreativesFeed is a blog with articles, resources, and inspiration galleries relating to topics like web design, branding, development, and more.

How To Budget For Your Next Software Development Project

It also boasts a vibrant and large community making Smashing one of the best places not only for resources and info but for job-hunting web development articles as well. If you think that you have all those skills, then you move to achieve a better job as a web developer and with higher pay.

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