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(Rothenberg - The name "Imperial-Royal Army" was used from 1745, as "Royal" referred to the Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary, which was not part of the Holy Roman Empire, but under Habsburg rule.[1]. Klemens, Fürst von Metternich distrusted Alexander’s designs in Poland and Turkey and was reluctant to assist the aggrandisement of Prussia. This is a map showing the borders of the Austrian Empire in 1803. This multinationality of the officer corps was not something strengthening their army. . Casualties among the generals were far below those suffered by the French generals and even below the Russian and Prussian casualties. Charles was a modest man, he even refused to allow a statue to be erected in his honor. The Austrian Soldiers. The heavy cavalry was the shock arm of the army and were big men on big horses. In the war of 1805 he held command of a division under Mack, and when Ulm was surrounded by Napoleon in October he was one of the brave band of cavalry, under the archduke Ferdinand, which cut its way through the hostile lines. Napoleon abandons plans for an invasion of England. It was possible due to two factors, good organization and large population. Sweden - 2,3 millions At the outset of war in 1793, the army numbered fifty-seven line regiments, including two grenadier companies each. Read "Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (2) Cavalry" by Philip Haythornthwaite available from Rakuten Kobo. Hampered by the inherent conservatism of the hierarchy, the Austrians had to fight the most modern army in Europe. The Austrian Army of the Napoleonic wars was unusual in that it had no elite guard formations like those of other nations. Great Britain - 18,5 millions (England, Ireland, Scotland) Austria was the most implacable of Napoleon's continental enemies. The first war lasted for 5 years until Austria, abandoned by its allies, was forced to make peace on unfavorable terms. The Tsar is good but weak; the King [of Prussia] is a rough, coarse, unfeeling fellow who to me is as loathsome as the poor, brave Prussians are pleasant and estimable." Gen.) The only equivalent to these were their few divisions of line grenadiers which were permanently "converged" from the various regular army regiments. 10 July 1809 - Napoleon defeated Charles at Znaim 8) (1813) covers obtaining supplies and foraging, winter positions for small and large forces [16], E) Grundsätze der höheren Kriegs-Kunst für die Generäle der österreichischen Armee (1806) was a small book about strategy for the senior generals, updated as Grundsätze der höheren Kriegskunst und Beyspiele ihrer zweckmässigen Anwendung für die Generale der Österreichischen Armee (1808) [16]. (Chandler - "Dictionary of the Napoleonic wars" pp 405-406). In July 1796, the Archduke Charles, faced by the renewed advamce of the two suprior armies of Jourdan and Moreau, decided, in his own words, "to retire both armies (his own and Wartensleben's) step by step without commiting himself to a battle., and to seize the first opportunity to unite them, so as to threw himself with superior, or at least equal, strength on one of the two hostile armies." The cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars could be grouped into four main categories: heavy, medium (or line), light and lancers. Sep 28, 2018 - Explore Spyros Anemogiannis's board "AUSTRIAN ARMY" on Pinterest. This was just after the Battle of Waterloo, a big battle that Napoleon lost. Two army commanders were archdukes (Charles and John). In addition, the company had three musicians and a Zimmermann (pioneer). 1. All of them are quite short at 35-80pp with diagrams [15], No. Instead, he became the Emperor of a new nation state, Austria-Hungary. As strategist he overestimated his enemy and hesitated to take all the risk. (In Italian). Archduke Charles, Duke of Teschen emphasised education of the troops and officers in particular. At the defeat of Hohenlinden in 1800 his promptitude and courage saved the right wing of the Austrian army from destruction, and he was afterwards entrusted by the archduke Charles with the command of the rearguard. In addition, it included one garrison battalion (Oberstleutnant – Battalion) composed of four companies which served as a source for reserves at the regiment depot. The Austrian soldiers were considered as patient, well-disciplined, and ... sober (except Poles, Hungarians, Croats and Serbs ;-). 4-7 June 1799 - Charles defeated Massena at Zürich "Napoleon should seek battles and Allies should evade them." Brutality and harsh discipline in the army were condemned by Archduke Charles. The Austrian Army. During the Napoleonic Wars the French developed an army organization in which the regiment was a unit of administration for its battalions serving as fighting units in the field. General Rohan was courteous and talented but also didn't care much about the service and his troops. France - 30 millions 2. His defeats were rare, and despite the fact that the Austrian soldiers were not famous for their bravery and tenacity. Oct 20, 1805 British Admiral Nelson wins the naval battle of Trafalgar, which secures British supremacy at sea. Although the Archduke's execution was not as bold as his subordinate's conception, it was sufficient to bring about the collapse of the French offensive. flags from,

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